YouTube End Screen: Best Practices

YouTube End Screen: Best Practices

If you'd like to know how to best use your end screens for your videos, you've definitely came to the right place!

Recommended Size: Any

What You Need:

  1. Some videos uploaded to your channel
  2. Some created playlists to organize your videos
  3. A channel icon that best represents your channel brand
  4. Video outro (optional)
  5. Website (optional)

Which Template Should I Use?

There are different templates that you can use to place your end screen. You can either use the ones that YouTube provided for you, or you can create your own template. It varies on whether you're placing them during the end of a video clip or on a video outro. You can place end screens within the last 20 seconds of the video, in case if you needed that friendly reminder. You can have all of your end screens appear at the same time, or have them appear at different time intervals. It would be much easier if you have your own video outro so that your end screens are much more organized. Not only that, you can import your end screens from other videos so you'll be able to save time putting them on your videos. Otherwise, you'll have to adjust your template accordingly, depending on what's on the end of your video. As long as your end screens are not blocking anything important, then you should be solid.

Which End Screens Should I Have?

The main end screen you should have is your subscription end screen. If people are interested in the content you produce, they should be able to see your personal channel end screen, which is shown as your channel icon. People can select that and be able to subscribe to your channel. If you are collaborating with another YouTuber, it would be common courtesy to have a channel end screen for said collaborators, that way people can check out their channels as well.

Another end screen you should have is for your video(s) and/or playlist(s). There's different ways you can approach this. For each video/playlist end card, you can use one of three options: most recent upload, best for viewer, or choose your own video/playlist. Typically, you can use two end screens for videos. one video and one playlist, or one video/playlist if you are using other end screens. Keep in mind that you can only use up to four end screens, so choose wisely which ones you want to use. The way you use the end screens is entirely up to you, as long as you're able to showcase your content and channel successfully.

Lastly, if you have an approved website that you'd like to add, you can definitely do so with a link end card. It can be anything from a social media, blog, website, mech site, fundraising site, etc.

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