YouTube Community: Comments

YouTube Community: Comments

Below you will find a brief description of YouTube’s Comment’s feature in it’s Community section of the Creator Studio

Recommended Size: 50+

The Comments section of your videos on YouTube is one of the most important parts of interacting with your audience and understanding how viewers feel about your content.

  • The Comments Section is Split into Three Categories: 
    • Published Comments: This is where you can view all of the comments that have been posted on your video. From here you can hide comments, remove comments, or report users for spam or abuse. Being able to manage the comments that have already been posted is the best way to make sure that the conversations about your content aren’t toxic.  It is also a wonderful way for you to look through user opinions and use the comment board as a source for feedback that tells you what your audience liked or disliked about your video, which will allow you to improve in the future.
    • Held for Review: The held for review section is a list of comments that YouTube has decided to delay in publishing until you have had a chance to decide whether or not you will allow it.  The comment might be deemed inappropriate or spammy, so this filter allows you to work through and approve or decline the comments listed.  You can also setup your channel to target certain words or phrases that will automatically flag comments until you have a chance to decide the fate of the poster.
    • Likely Spam: Appropriately named, this tab is where you will find comments that are spam. This includes comments that advertise another channel, brand, service, sub4sub, etc. After viewing the comments you can either approve them if you think they are appropriate, or remove them if you agree that they are spam.
  • Understanding how to manage the comments portion of your creator studio is important for your ability to filter your channel and also a solid way to read through the thoughts and ideas of your audience.