Writing Your Channel Description

Writing Your Channel Description

Your channel description says a lot about what your channel is and its expected outcome within a given algorithm. Even if there were no benefit in SEO, which there is evidence to suggest that there is, it would still be worth it to write a nice channel description to help people appreciate you a bit more.

Recommended Size: 75 Subs

Establishing A Brand

When you’re establishing and growing a brand, every interaction you make is an opportunity to take the route of professionalism.  You can strengthen a brand in multiple ways by setting an example others would be proud to live by. Having an attention to detail will demonstrate value and elevate the perceived level of production value.  Your actions and accomplishments will say more about who you are than your actual words. 

Without getting into the topic of branding too much, your description should consider your brand.  Do you make a nice summary of who you are?  Are your qualifications pertinent to your branding?  Does it make you come off as too rigid to have an average bio?  This is an opportunity to wow someone or to take the high road of professionalism.  Whichever you choose, your direction will dictate how others receive you.  Maybe it’s not as important to get perfect SEO if you have an extra opportunity to engage your fan base in a positive way.

Maximize SEO

With regard to how you would go about writing a channel description to maximize your SEO, you want to focus on general terms around your niche. For example, if your channel is all reaction videos, you would want to have some prominent examples of videos in your description, where you may even list some titles or link back to other videos that you have done.  

Use hashtags when appropriate, but don’t overuse them.  Think of how you experience the content that you enjoy and hold yourself to that standard. Having more than 2 or 3 hashtags is probably too much, because after that point, you would just feel like you’re being marketed to too much.  This would potentially make you inherently distrustful of that brand.

If you are a channel focused around movie reviews, maybe you talk about some of your favorite characters in your channel description.  Getting to know your audience can be highly beneficial and they’ll want to get to know you too.  However, if you’re never going to talk about Game of Thrones, it may not be the best idea to have that in your channel description.  At all costs, you want to avoid dissatisfying anyone with a channel description, since it’s entirely optional to have one.  If you left it completely blank, it wouldn’t necessarily hurt you that much, but on any platform, you’re going to want to take every advantage you can get.

"I Don't Know What To Say"

If you’re finding that you don’t know what to say with your channel description, think of what you would expect it to be.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or 2 paragraphs long.  Just imagine that you’re talking to your audience directly and project out a short message.  This can be entirely focused on your branding, but it’s ultimately your choice how much of yourself you want to reveal here.  If your brand is you, or you’re on camera a lot for your channel, then you can be a bit more personal.  

Finally, you’ll want to include some social links in there because it’s easier for everyone to find you if you make it EASY for them.