Why Use XSplit instead of OBS or Shadowplay

Why Use XSplit instead of OBS or Shadowplay

There is some debate over what the best streaming/recording software is, with Xsplit and OBS being the main players in the game. Let's list out the reasons why Xsplit may be the best choice for your broadcasting needs.

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The Xsplit Account

Xsplit uses an account system to keep track of licensing (as it is a paid program) which comes with a few benefits.  

ThumbnailIf you have previously set up your Outputs in Xsplit and need to install the program on another computer, the account will have all those outputs ready to go without any additional configuration.  This can be very useful for a user who uses multiple recording machines, or moving from an older machine to a new one.  

There are three licenses for XSplit – Free, Personal, and Premium.

  • Use the Free license if you are just getting started with streaming and would like to give XSplit a try.
  • Buy the Personal License to get access to full HD broadcasting at 60+ fps, superior audio codec support, enhanced XSplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster features and video production tools.
  • Get the Premium License if you want to use XSplit for commercial purposes and want access to all features of XSplit Broadcaster & XSplit Gamecaster, including a studio-style Live Preview Editor, a professional Audio Mix Preview, and the ability to create custom script plugins and add effects with source transitions.

Ease of Set Up

Xsplit is one of the easiest streaming programs to set up as it is ready to go right out of the box.  Just install the program, create a scene, choose sources and destinations, and stream.  Many of the settings can be edited for the advanced user, but the vast majority of the program is pre-configured for you.  The Xsplit website is also full of easy to understand tutorials for how to configure the program to work best for you.


ThumbnailXsplit has a “plug-in store” that is a handy way to add new features and abilities to the program.  

As new streaming platforms are created and used, developers create plugins to make connecting to them easier.  Things like Scene Switching and Stinger Creator can be used to improve the overall presentation of your video, and the Sources can make adding things like donation notifications and image slideshows a breeze.  

Social Media Integration

Image 3Xsplit includes an integration that allows you to share your stream out to your social media accounts right from the program.  Just authorize Xsplit to post and you can share by selecting “Share My Stream” from the “Tools” menu.

In Conclusion

Of all the streaming platforms available, Xsplit offers the most complete out-of-the-box experiences.  The discussions about which one uses more system resources and has more utility will rage on, but the advantages above have sold me on Xsplit.  It is recommended to take a look at all programs available and find what works for you, but hopefully this helps show why Xsplit is a very viable choice.