Why Sub4Sub Is Bad For Your Channel

Why Sub4Sub Is Bad For Your Channel

This is something you’ll encounter on most social media platforms these days. There will always be people looking for a little boost, and they wrongly think that success comes as easy as pressing a button.  It’s not that simple.

Recommended Size: 25 Subs


When you subscribe to a channel, you shouldn’t be aiming to get other creators to subscribe to you anyway.  They’re usually just as busy as you are doing any number of things.  Even if it seems like they’re genuinely interested in you, wouldn’t it be better to let that happen naturally instead of seeking out subs from other people?  The reality of Sub4Sub or begging for subs is that you put an expectation on someone that is not likely to hold up over time.  They could subscribe and just unsubscribe later anyway, so why worry about it?  It’s a waste of time.  Time that you could be using to improve at your craft.

Low Watch Duration

Low watch duration is something that youtube will penalize your videos and channel for.  Trading a youtube subscription with someone will most likely give you a low duration view.  It’s arguable that at some point, every view is a good view, but that’s probably only if you’re trending.  This can even change how some see promotion.  Are paid promotions worth it for small creators?  Maybe not.  If you go viral and are incapable of keeping the attention of those viewers, isn’t that worse than a gradual climb to the top where your expectations are more manageable?  Of course, having a viral video AT ALL will probably cause YouTube to rank your channel much higher.  It’s important to keep in mind that there’s not a single subscriber number where you’ll have “made it.”  It will always take hard work and determination to be successful on YouTube.  Some people assume that more subscribers will automatically mean more views, but this is definitely not the case.  YouTube will actively derank you for having an inactive subscriber base.  

Active Subscribers

So since we want an ACTIVE community on our channels, Sub4Sub will just make getting noticed that much harder.  Now that we know a little bit more about how a channel is rated (watch time and session watch time mainly) it’s all about creating quality content.  Not Sub4Subbing shows that you understand the process of creating content and respect it.  

  1. Subscribers should be the result of good content
  2. A subscriber on its own doesn’t actually do anything for you.  
  3. If you could choose, you wouldn’t want inactive subscribers since there’s a chance that the algorithm could actually be factoring that against you.  
  4. If someone subs to you, you have no obligation to subscribe back to them 
  5. Subscribe to the channels that you actually enjoy.  Pity subscriptions hurt channels
  6. Don’t use a bot to spam comments on other people’s channels.  This activity invites Sub4Sub and you’ll be caught by the spam filter eventually anyway.


Sub4Sub is the manifestation of all of your frustrations and desires on the platform.  Maybe things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped and are looking for an easy way out, but nothing comes easy on YouTube.  The fastest way to destroy a channel is with Sub4Sub.  It’s pretty devastating and there are many examples of it if you look hard enough on the platform.  Sub4Sub does not make you successful in any way, shape or form and there is evidence to suggest that it hurts you.  You’re not doomed to failure just because you traded subs with a few people, but it’s not that different from Botted Views.