Why Stream To Mixer Instead Of Twitch or YouTube Gaming?

Why Stream To Mixer Instead Of Twitch or YouTube Gaming?

So you want to stream on Mixer, congratulations! This platform can function as a standard platform, just like twitch or hitbox, but it also provides you with more opportunities to interact with your audience.

Recommended Size: Any

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Mixer Uses 2 Protocols: FTL or RTMP.

RTMP is a standard protocol for streaming that twitch, hitbox, youtube, etc. use. It has a standard delay of 10-15 seconds, sometimes reaching into 30 seconds, and this protocol is also standard with OBS and Xsplit. FTL is only supported on mixer (and unfortunately no support for Restream yet.) and can be as short as 0.2 seconds. As of OBS Studio version 20.0.1 FTL is included in the official release of OBS and isn't harder to use than standard RTMP. Moreover it is supported natively in XSplit. FTL allows for better interactivity and lightning-fast responses to your audience. 

So Why Mixer?

There is a lot of understandable wariness when it comes to unproven platforms. After reading the tutorials here on fetch, hopefully you'll feel ready to 'mix up' your streaming experience. (Ed Note: We apologize for the puns.)

FTL is an amazing technology putting "live" into "live streaming". You have basically direct interaction with your viewers and with a little bit of effort you can take interactivity to a whole new level with a wide roster of things you can do to inject yourself into gaming experience. A pretty well-known streamer on Mixer known as sorryaboutyourcats have been invited this E3 to come and set up a robot football (football means soccer) stand for people around the world to play it through Mixer.

Whenever I stream, I feel like I'm actually talking with my audience, there's so much intimate interaction going on when you can almost instantly answer the question. There's also co-streaming feature which allows up to four streams going on to the same channel and allows for a viewer to see all four points of view of the four players.

Does Mixer Have The Audience?

I understand the concerns that people have about an audience. Mixer indeed has lesser audience, though after its acquisition by Microsoft and its introduction to Xbox One as a natively supported app, that audience has definitely grown. That also translates to more lenient requirements for a partnership: around 50 concurrent viewers and it doesn’t lock you in to one platform, while still giving you same old monetization, support and emotes benefits.

There is an option to stream to Mixer, Twitch and YouTube without losing out on essential Mixer features like FTL and interactivity.

If streaming with RTMP, just use standard settings with OBS or Xsplit, the streaming experience isn't going to be that different from familiar twitch or youtube or hitbox.

FTL takes a bit more to set up, however.

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