Why Should You Stream To Twitch

Why Should You Stream To Twitch

Streaming is a great option to grow your community and fanbase, and Twitch is the most popular option. Here's some more information!

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Twitch is Still Growing!

  • In August 2014, Amazon bought Twitch for less than a billion dollars. Amazon would never have bought Twitch if they had already peaked. They knew Twitch would continue to grow.
  • Twitch now gets over 50 MILLION unique viewers a month. That’s an enormously impressive number to hit.
  • There is plenty of room for more and more Twitch streamers. Streaming is just starting to become one of the best ways to gain subscribers and viewers very quickly, meaning anyone can become the next big Twitch streamer.

It’s not Just Limited to Gaming Anymore!

  • Now, thanks to Twitch Creative, you can stream creative things other than just gaming, like music and music production, cooking, 3D printing, and even building and customizing furniture!
  • Because of the wide variety of things you can now stream on Twitch, this opens doors for many creative people with creative ideas who haven’t been able to utilize Twitch before because it only catered to Gamers.

You Want to Succeed!

  • Everybody who wants to stream and make videos wants to succeed, and the best way to succeed is to put yourself out there as much as possible. The more content that you put out in the open, the easier it will be for people to find your content and subscribe or follow to see more.
  • The thing to remember is that if you succeed, you will have gained a huge following. Anyone can become a Twitch streamer, including YOU!


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