Why a Channel Name Shouldn’t Be Too Vague

Why a Channel Name Shouldn’t Be Too Vague

Trying to come up with a channel name is hard work, and you might be tempted to make it vague and meaningless so you don’t feel so constricted.

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Vague Names Don’t Say Anything

An overly vague name doesn’t actually deliver anything to your potential viewers. If you name your channel “Lucy Smith” that doesn’t tell the user anything that might interest them into checking out what you do. Similarly, names like “The Beauty Channel” aren’t going to be pulling in millions of viewers.

They’re Forgettable

There’s a reason why legal companies have to spend millions of dollars promoting their brands, and that’s because Smith, Jones & Shaw is the type of name that gets lost. It’s difficult to search, hard to remember, and the more work you require of your viewer the less viewers you’ll get. Instead, most of these firms focus strongly on unique phone numbers or website addresses that are easier to remember.

You Waste Opportunities

Your channel name is your brand, it’s the thing people see and remember, the words that are used to promote you and spread your message. If that message is forgotten, boring, or not descriptive enough, you’ve wasted an opportunity to tell that new person about yourself--even without being there. Make it easy for your fans to promote and talk about your brand.