Why a Channel Name Shouldn’t Be Too Specific

Why a Channel Name Shouldn’t Be Too Specific

Trying to come up with a channel name is hard work, and you might think it’s easier tell the user exactly what you do as specifically as possible

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You Might Change Your Values

If we’d named ourselves “Small YouTuber Community For Gaining Subscribers” it would have been absolutely accurate--four years ago. It’s hard to build a brand name, but way harder to change it--which is why you see so many companies from decades ago that changed their name to acronyms, like IBM, P&G, and RMC. Keeping from being too specific gives you some flexibility later on, which you’ll greatly thank yourself for keeping in mind.

They’re Boring

Consider whether you’d rather watch a channel called “Eye & Cheek Powder Makeup Tutorials” versus “Lucy’s Beauty,” or even “Mark Smith PS3 Let’s Plays” versus “Mark Plays.” Being too specific has the counter-intuitive effect of also making people less interested in finding out more.

It Needs To Be Yours

The hardest thing to remember is that this is your Brand, and people need to know that when someone says your name they mean you. This is why Search.com fell to Google.com, as saying “Search for it” isn’t nearly as easily owned as “Google it” and why Book.com fell to Amazon. Those are both very specific names that are simultaneously too broad to capitalize on.