When to Upload Content

When to Upload Content

When you upload your content, is just as important as how entertaining you footage is. If you make a great video, but post it when nobody's watching, what’s the point? This guide will help you to decide when you should post your videos.

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Find Out Where Your Audience Is

Finding out where your audience is the most important thing when deciding when to upload your videos. Follow these simple steps to find your audience’s home countries.

  1. Log onto your Youtube channel
  2. Go to your creator studio by clicking your logo in the upper righthand corner of YouTube and then clicking creator studio.
  3. Go to the analytics section of the studio by scrolling down the side bar on the left side of the screen and clicking on analytics.
  4. You are now on the overview page! If you scroll all the way down to the bottom you will find ‘Top Geographies’

This is where you can find where your audience is. For me personally, I have 67% of the people from USA.

Decide on the Best Uploading Time

Now that you know where your audience is, you can figure out when is best to upload your content. You want to upload your videos when you know the majority of your viewers are available to watch. Around 5:00 PM is a good time to upload your videos. Most people are either already home from school, or are just getting off of work and are ready to watch your videos.

If the majority of your viewers are in USA, I recommend uploading your videos around 3:00 PM Mountain time. This is when most schools get off in the middle of the country, people are getting off of work on the East coast, and people are eating lunch on the West Coast.

If you have an equal amounts of people from USA and Europe, You should pick a time where it is a good time for your European viewers to watch in the evening, and a good time for USA viewers to watch in the morning.

Overall, upload your content when you feel like is best. You can ask your audience what time works best for them, and you can try multiple times and see what works best.