What Is Discord?

What is Discord?

Discord is a voice and text chat akin to that of Skype/TeamSpeak/Curse. It is 100% free and has both a browser version and an application for most platforms from PC to mobile.

You Need:

Recommended Size: 50 Subs

It operates within servers or DMs. Within these servers, members can communicate in different rooms either through text or voice chat.

A user of Discord can create a server for free and share the invite link to anyone and they will be able to join.

Discord can be used to communicate with friends or your fan base. Within your server, you can create roles and content can be restricted based on these roles.

For instance you can create a role to allow access to an exclusive Patron voice and text room. This allows you to interact with people who donate to you.

A good example of a Discord server is our very own NewTubers server.