What Is An MCN/MPN/Partnership Network

What Is An MCN/MPN/Partnership Network

Did you get an email, tweet, or see a post about joining a Network? Maybe you’ve seen other creators talk about being in one, or read an article about someone being kicked out of theirs? What exactly are they, and should you join one?

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MCN? MPN? Partnership?

All terms for the same thing. Originally started as “Multi Channel Networks” to help creators bargain with advertisers for a larger amount of ad revenue, they have recently started calling themselves “Multi Platform Networks” and “Partnerships” as they move onto platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more.

What Do I Give Up?

The most important thing these networks ask for is a revenue split. That revenue split varies greatly from network to network, and creator to creator. You might be offered 60/40, 95/5, or anywhere in between.

Additionally, they often require a multi-year contract, lengthy cancellation processes--sometimes as much as six months notice prior to the end of the contract, and worse.

Networks have a very bad name due to the fact that it has been very easy for people to create one that preys on creators with predatory legal contracts, long contract terms, and very little return to the creators.

What Types Of Partnerships Are There? What Do I Get?

There are two primary types of Partnerships:

  • Affiliate Partnerships are the most common. You will typically be offered lower payment thresholds (YouTube requires you to reach $100 before payout, an MCN might only require $5), access to a music library while you’re a member, and discounts on other paid tools and services (often the same as we offer here for free).

  • Managed Partnerships are different, and rare. These partnerships give you people who handle your account specifically, and work to grow your channel and business. They will sell ads on your channel individually instead of as bulk sales across all their channels, will help you set up collaborations with other managed creators, send you to events and promote your brand and content.

Should I Join One?

That’s entirely up to you. Just remember that your contract is legally binding. If you suddenly start producing revenue and getting popular, and your cut to the network isn’t worth what they’re giving to you, that won’t matter--you’re locked in.

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