What is a Playlist?

What is a Playlist?

Playlists are an easy way to gather content of a like nature (game play, episodic series, music, etc.) and simply do exactly as their name says: list videos and auto play them. Creating playlists for your content is a minimum effort way to enhance the quality of your channel

Recommended Size: Any

Why Use Playlists?

  • Putting your own content into playlists allows people to “binge watch” your content through autoplay and is an excellent tool if your content should be watched in a particular order or is diverse in nature.

  • Playlists also help to promote your own content as “related” in the sidebar because they are linked in a playlist.

  • Adding playlists to your home screen is an easy way for people to see all the kinds of content you have and the more organized your channel is the more likely they are to stay, watch, and even subscribe.

  • Playlists can be added to your endscreen, maximizing your content availability to an active viewer.

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