What Is A Description?

What Is A Description?

A description is a general piece you can write about yourself or your brand to let people, and ultimately machines, learn a little bit about you.  With the proper usage of hashtags, keywords and proper nouns, you can turn a blank page into an SEO generating asset.

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"I Just Want To Make Videos"

The investment is your time and energy. How much is your time and energy worth to you?  The resulting calculation should tell you a lot about how much time you put into your description. Maybe creating content is more important to you than a perfectly fleshed out description?  

Great!  That doesn’t disqualify you from being successful, but descriptions are your chance to demonstrate to an algorithm what you are which helps your pages, and ultimately your content, be seen by more people.  If time weren’t a concern, you would definitely want to make a nice description for your playlists, channel and each individual video.  On YouTube in particular, setting upload defaults with your social media links and a basic template to use for your videos is recommended.  This small optimization will save you lots of time in the future as you can simply delete anything you don’t need.  You can change your channel description by going to your channels “About” tab.

What should be included in your description?

As mentioned above, your social media links need to be in there somewhere. Your first 50-100 characters will tell the majority of your story, so you would want your important keywords towards the beginning, however, going into detail will help you have bigger crossreach.  If a word were more likely to generate a “non-viewer” (someone that would see your content and immediately stop viewing it), it may be better to avoid it altogether.  If your target audience loves Llamas, you would definitely want to give that word top billing, using it a minimum of 5 times in your full description.  Why would it need to be so many times?  Well it’s because you’re trying to get a machine to notice what type of content you have and without blatantly violating some sites’ Terms of Service Agreements, you are required to essentially put your tags in paragraph form.  

"I'm Gaming The System"

You aren’t gaming any algorithms with this, you’re just playing the game.  If it can’t be read by a human in a string of sentences or a paragraph or two, it’s a poorly written description.  Very few sites will allow you to list tags directly in your main body.  The exception to this is hashtags.  Using the right hashtags can have a huge impact on the visibility of your content, but don’t overdo it.  We recommend using no more than 3 hashtags at a time.  Unless spamming hashtags is part of your plan for success. You do you.