What Is A Card

What Is A Card

What are cards? Well cards allow you to add a new layer of interactivity to your videos. They are applied on a per video basis and are rendered on desktop and mobile devices. You can provide a destination URL from a list of eligible sites and, depending on the card type, customize an image, title, and call-to-action text allowing you to further promote other parts of your channel like playlists or other channels directly.

Recommended Size: 50

How to use a card

After a video goes live on your channel by simply going into your video manager and selecting to “edit” the video you can click on a tab above the video that reads “cards” and to the right you can select the menu to add cards to your video and below that is a timeline where you can designate a start time for said cards.

How cards work

A teaser is shown at the designated time for a few seconds, and viewers who click on it can then access the card directly:

At any other point in the video, viewers will see an icon appear when they hover over the player on desktop or whenever the player controls are showing on mobile. They can click the icon to browse all of the cards present on the video:

How cards are surfaced

Cards are designed to be contextual to the video and should help creators reach their goals, while providing an enriched viewer experience. As the system evolves, we plan to optimize it to surface the most relevant teasers and cards based on performance, viewer behavior and the device they are using.

Additional Info

  • Be mindful as cards display differently on separate devices, so pointing to a card will sometimes not show correctly and might allow the card to be missed entirely. 
  • If you have a featured video or playlist in your video, it will be hidden on videos that use cards. 
  • The Branding watermark is now displayed in the bottom right of the player to not conflict with cards.
  • If your video has been claimed by Content ID and the content owner has set up a campaign, cards will not be displayed on the video.
  • in order to display cards, your account needs to be in good standing.
  • Cards work better when they're not too close to each other. Try spacing them out.
  • Cards also work on live streams.