What Are Tags?

What Are Tags?

You have a choice to add tags when uploading a video to YouTube, but what exactly are they?

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How Do They Work

A tag or tag cloud (aka word clouds) is a way for machine-learning algorithms to determine the substance of a web page. On video uploading platforms in particular, you may have the option to have a list of tags on each video. The use of a tag or tag cloud depends on the site. The likelihood to show up in search engines, based on these key words, changes depending on what words are used and potentially what order they’re in.

Tag Relationships

A compound tag is a tag that involves a proper name or multiple wards as part of a title. Typically, words like “of,” “and” & “the” are ignored, but they’re not worth removing in your tags unless you’re at your max character limit. Compound tags are important to use because it’s a way for you to imply a relationship between 2 potentially unrelated words. A single word may not mean very much to Search Engine algorithms, but the modification of adding an extra word as a separate tag may make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance much better. For example: If we’re doing a movie review of The Incredible Hulk, “Hulk” on its own has a very different meaning than “Incredible Hulk.” Your tags should be “Incredible Hulk,” “Hulk,” & “Incredible” to start with.

How to Use Them

Your main consideration with tags is whether a word is too general or too inclusive. The main reason you don’t want to be too general is that while it may increase the number of searches your channel would generate, the potential for you to rank with the keywords that matter is lessened. The use of keyword ranking services can assist you in your SEO and help you reach the audience that you desire. Typically you want words that perform well, but if there’s a lot of competition around certain keywords, it can be better to avoid the top performers.