What Are Audience Expectations

What Are Audience Expectations

When you’re making decisions about your channel, you’ll often hear that you need to meet your audience’s expectations. What does this mean?

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What You Need:

  1. You have spent some time determining who your audience is.

You Aren’t Unique (Even If You’re Unique)

There are literally millions of other creators uploading every single minute, with content that is equally interesting, engaging, and unique. When you’re making content, it’s vital that you remember that no one has to watch your videos--they can just as easily watch anyone else. Don’t get stuck in the mentality that they owe you anything, you’re providing a service to them and they are choosing to consume it.

People Watch You For A Reason

You’ve decided to change your content, or add something new, or maybe you’re just bored and decided to do a bunch of political rants on your gaming channel.

When someone subscribes to you, they did so because they saw your content and want more of that. Whatever that content is, they subscribed to get something from you: either entertainment or education. Your job is to provide content that either teaches them something, or entertains them in the way they expect.

The subscriber has already given you a sign that they are getting this value from your content by choosing to subscribe to you. Remember, when you consider changing things up, the subscriber needs to continue receiving the same kind of value from your new content.

“I Subscribed For Something I’m Not Getting”

Once someone has subscribed, they aren’t required to stay forever. If you produce content that isn’t fulfilling their need from you any longer, they will choose to stop watching or unsubscribe. If you want to keep growing, you need to make sure that every time someone watches another video from you they are receiving the same value they originally sought from you.