Video Manager: Playlists

Video Manager: Playlists

The Video Manager inside the YouTube Creator Studio is the hub for managing all your videos on your channel in one easy place. The Playlists submenu, more specifically, is the hub of all things playlists. This tutorial will give you the ins and outs of the Playlists submenu. 

Recommended Size: Any

Once you click on Video Manager on the left bar inside your Creator Studio (by clicking your logo in the upper right hand corner of your screen and clicking Creator Studio), you will automatically be placed in the Video submenu. Then you just just need to select “Playlists” underneath Video Manager from the bar on the left side of your screen. 


Now that we are in the Playlists submenu we can get to work. If you don’t have any playlists yet, you can create one by selecting the “New Playlist” button towards the top of the screen. Once you have done that you can select that playlists, or an existing playlist to edit. Click one of your playlists. This will bring up the playlist of your choosing with a list of the videos inside the playlist. To edit the playlists, just select the “Edit” button under the main image of your playlist. 

In this screen you can edit the order of the videos in your playlist by grabbing the number of the video in the playlist and dragging it up or down. You can also add videos to the playlist by selecting the “Add Videos” button on the upper right of the screen. You can also change the setting of your playlist by selecting the button “Playlist Settings.” In this menu you can change the privacy settings of your playlist, the settings of the ordering of your videos, auto adding videos, and also allowing collaborators to edit your playlist settings. 

The Video Manager is a great tool to easily access the management of your videos, and can be extremely helpful. If you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to share it and check out NewTubers’ other tutorials about the Creator Studio.