Video Manager: Copyright Notices

Video Manager: Copyright Notices

The Video Manager inside the YouTube Creator Studio is the hub for managing all your videos on your channel in one easy place. The Copyright Notices submenu, more specifically, is the hub of all of your videos that have been hit with the copyright hammer. This tutorial will give you the ins and outs of the Copyright Notices submenu. 

Recommended Size: Any

Once you click on Video Manager on the left bar inside your Creator Studio (by clicking your logo in the upper right hand corner of your screen and clicking Creator Studio), you will automatically be placed in the Video submenu. Then you just just need to select “Copyright Notices” underneath Video Manager from the bar on the left side of your screen. 


Now that we are in the Copyright Notices submenu we can get to work. This menu is simplified version of the Videos submenu, but only for videos that YouTube has found copyright material in. If you are a good YouTuber, you won’t have any videos in this section. If you look at my submenu you can see that I am not the example to follow. I have TONS of videos with copyrighted material in them. To see what you can do about your video with a copyright notice on it is to select the copyright symbol next to your monetization symbol on the right side of your screen. 

In this screen you can see what the ramifications of your naughtiness. For me, I have six copyright claims on my most recent video, and because of this, I can’t monetize my video and it is not available on all devices. If you scroll down, you can see exactly what is being claimed. For me, it was the multiple Disney songs I used in a short film I created where a man starts hallucinating to the tune of Disney songs. If you created the song from scratch and own the rights, or have permission from the original owner, you can file a dispute and YouTube will look into the problem. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU OWN OR HAVE PERMISSION TO THE RIGHTS OF YOUR SONG. If you claim a piece of work that you do not own, it could cause more trouble than was you were previously in. You also have the option to remove the song and replace it with a different song that YouTube provides. 

The Video Manager is a great tool to easily access the management of your videos, and can be extremely helpful. If you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to share it and check out NewTubers’ other tutorials about the Creator Studio.