Use A Soundboard To Increase Interactivity on Mixer

Use A Soundboard To Increase Interactivity on Mixer

No, like, actual interactivity. Mixer has a developer webpage for people who know how to program that make all sorts of interactive things for games and real-life interactions. For example, and I kid you not, there's a streamer who set up interactive button on his stream to control real-life robots in his room! Insane! I will not be talking about this kind of interactivity here today though, let's stick to something more simple and realistic.

Recommended Size: Any

Setting up a Soundboard on Mixer

  1. GitHub link for the software you'll need.
  2. After installing that software you launch it, log in to your mixer account and authorize it. Also there you "create" the soundboard - it'll prompt you saying "seems like you don't have a soundboard set up" or something along those lines.
  3. We'll get back to the software in a bit, close it for now.
  4. Head over to to actually change your soundboard layout.
  5. On you should see "Your Projects". Under there it'll say "Soundwave Interactive Soundboard" if you created it correctly in step 2.
  6. To the right, there will be a button "Editor". Go there.
  7. From this screen you need to go to "Build" in top left corner.
  8. Here you will see the layout which works pretty intuitively - you drag the buttons to change their positions and drag the sides of the buttons to make them smaller or bigger.

How to create a button, place it on the grid and resize it.

Once you finished the layout, we can get back to the software and add sounds, but before that don't forget to click the "Save" button in top right corner.

  • You don't have to change the layout in the very beginning, but this how you do this in case you need to delete or add buttons for more or less sounds.
  • The software itself has a tutorial, so it'll guide you through all the steps of adding a sound, cooldown time for it, how much it would cost, etc.
  • You may have noticed I've talked about the cost here - don't worry, those aren't microtransations, those are earned plentiful while either streaming or watching a stream.