Uploading a New Video on YouTube

Uploading a New Video on YouTube

Uploading a video is one of the first steps to becoming a Youtuber! GO YOU!

Recommended Size: 1 Sub

What You Need:

  1. Edited video 
  2. Custom Thumbnail (if you choose to do one….no, really, you should have one!)

Step One: Ensure that your video is ready to go!

There is nothing worse than thinking your video is ready to upload, you do so, and then see 5 different thing that you would like to change… but it's already uploaded and your descriptions are done and it has a few views… and… well, you will let it slide this time. A little planning can help you avoid uploading videos that are not up to snuff. Before starting to upload ensure that you have completed the following things:

  • There are no more edits that you would like to make
    • Audio
      • Check your levels
      • Background music vs. speech
      • Switch it up, try listening to your audio with headphones, or a different device entirely
    • Video 
      • Transitions
      • Weird glitches in the rendering process 
      • Does it make sense to an outside viewer?
  • Video saved and named properly
    • Location - have a filing system:
      • Folder(s) for current project(s) being worked on
      • Folder for video to be uploaded
      • Folder for videos already uploaded 
    • Naming - do it with purpose:
      • Make it as close to your youtube title as possible
      • Is it informative, catchy, and searchable?
      • Ensure that it has the same/similar title to custom thumbnail

Step Two: Initiating the upload

ThumbnailWhen you are logged into Youtube, the top of the webpage should look similar to the picture below. Simply click the up arrow located in the top right corner of the page (highlighted here with a red square) to start the upload process. 

Step Three: Selecting a video 

ThumbnailYou will be directed to the page pictured below, here you will be able to select a video from your computer to upload to YouTube. To do so click anywhere on the “Select Files to Upload” area (highlighted in a red square).

PROTIP: On this screen you can choose to make your video Public, Unlisted, Private, or Scheduled. If you forget to make a selection you can fix it in the next step. 

Step Four: Completing the Upload Process 

ThumbnailOnce you have selected a video for upload you will be automatically directed to the processing page seen below. This page has been broken down into sections (color coded and numbered) with detailed descriptions to follow:

  1. Video Thumbnail View: Allows you to see what Youtube has auto selected at your thumbnail
  2. Upload Status: Tells you the current status of your video (uploading/processing/completed/etc.)
  3. Live Link: Gives you the link that your video will be live, will also be provided at the end via pop-up
  4. Upload Status Bar: A visual way for you to view the speed/progress of your upload
  5. Video Information: Where you give your video a title, description, and tags. A title will be auto filled based on the name of your file and can be edited if you like. Description and tags need to be filled in. Lastly, your thumbnail options (should you choose not to upload a custom one will be available for selection at the bottom. 
  6. Video Privacy Status: Videos are automatically uploaded as public (unless you change your auto upload settings. You have the option of them being:
    1. Private: No one can see them but you
    2. Unlisted: People can access it if they have a link directly to it
    3. Scheduled: You will be able to select a date and time for the video to go live
    4. Public: Video will go live as soon as process/uploading is complete and you save it. When making a video public you will also be given the opportunity to share it with your social medias. 
  7. Add to Playlist: This option allows you to add your video to a playlist(s) automatically
  8. Custom Thumbnail: If you have created a custom thumbnail you can upload it here.
  9. Video Manager/ +Add More Videos: Quick links to edit your video or add more. Will cancel the upload. 
  10. Done: Will save your video and make it live.