Thumbnails: Why Use A Face?

Thumbnails: Why Use A Face?

We have all seen them, the faces other streamers/youtubers use in their videos, and you might be wondering “Is it worth it?” “Does it do anything” the answer is yes!

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Thumbnails are vastly important to your videos and how they are portrayed, you want to make sure you follow a simple pattern with them to start before adding a face to them, that pattern is:

  • Thumbnails accurately portray the content in the video.
  • Thumbnails get our audience excited about watching the video.
  • Thumbnails draw the attention of our audience.

Now where do faces play a role in the above steps? Well by showing a strong emotion and making eye contact with the viewer makes your thumbnail stand out as you are conveying emotion of yourself and the game/video before it’s even played, getting the audience interested before it’s even clicked on, using this we can adjust our thumbnails to be a further extension of not only the video but of the person in the video itself and will boost the viewer's emotional connection toward the thumbnail and possibly channel itself if they are not misleading.

There are many methods of how to use a face in a thumbnail, be it using a background effect (like a pinwheel or sunburst effect) to bring more attention to the face, or just using it as it is it is your thumbnails to experiment with until you find out what works for you and your audience, take notes from other creators that are using faces in thumbnails and focus on what makes them stand out even more.

Faces in thumbnails are not for everyone and you can find success without using them, but the benefit of using them is something to at least try a few times if you already have shown your face before, should you want to remain hidden or just don’t want the world to see you then its best to avoid it entirely

I hope you found this tutorial a bit more opening to the idea of using faces in your thumbnails, if it has then look at the guides below for better thumbnail formatting as combining all the lessons across the various tutorials will have you creating thumbnails like a pro in no time!