Signing Up For A Youtube/Google Account

Signing Up For A Youtube/Google Account

Congratulations! You have decided to take the very first step into becoming a fellow content creator on YouTube, all you need to do now to continue is to make a Google account. But how does one “create” an account?

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To create an account, just follow the steps provided below and you will be well on your way to creating.

  1. In your internet browser copy or type the following link to open the page to begin creating your account:
    • Alternatively you can also create an account by trying to “sign in” to various other google products, i.e YouTube will redirect you to create a google account if you are not already signed into one.
  2. On the right hand side of the page you will now have text fields to fill out, its all basic information pertaining to you.
  3. The second box will ask you to make your own email, example “ScienceGuy12” (this part is added automatically for you)
    • Note: this will not be your YouTube name, it is just how you log in
  4. After you finish creating your account you will be asked to sign in with the information you had provided you need to close the page and go to
  5. Once on the page in the upper right hand corner simply click the “sign in” button if you are not already signed in, continue to enter the information you have provided upon signing up i.e [email protected] Password:*whatever you put*
  6. You are now signed in, but probably confused as to why you couldn't choose your channel name or where your channel is, well by clicking on your image in the upper right hand corner you are greeted with a box with your email and profile image (if added) from there by clicking on the small gear button next to “creator studio” you are redirected to another page.
  7. ThumbnailAbove is an example of what you will see, if you look next to the name you will see your email, and next to that you will see a button that says “Create A Channel” button, press it and fill out the text fields
  8. You are almost finished! Once you have created your channel by going back to the same menu (by clicking on the gear) you can change your name to be anything you want! No last name required! And once you save your changes and refresh the page, then refresh google you will have your new channel with desired name.

And that's it! Congratulations you now not only have your very own Google account but you also now have a custom YouTube channel to match for your future content. Happy creating!