Should You Stream Popular Games

Should You Stream Popular Games

You are the master of your own streaming channel, but picking a game affects you if you want to grow. 

Recommended Size: 50 Subs

Some people are very passionate and have great ideas to make their stream unique, but as unique as you would be, going for streaming majorly League of Legends, Dota 2 or even Playerunknown's Battlegrounds would be quite hard to give you any proper newcomers, as these titles are super saturated. Make sure that the game choice would help you in terms of your usual amount of concurrent viewers. Why? Well when you check the list of streamers on said game, they are classed by how many viewers they have currently watching your broadcast, simple as that. People over on twitch love to have either super packed streams with lots of people, or medium sized ones with a bit more of interaction with the player/streamer. Having you “rising” in the ranks of said game in the listings will then increase your chance to be seen and selected by other viewers having an interest in the game you are currently on.

As said, those are but small factors. Growth will in the end always occur over time, do not try to believe that making every right call will result in you growing monumentally. It may happen, but this tutorial here will help you maximize your results, or at least give you a higher chance to gain in numbers.


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