Setting up OBS Studio with Multiple Audio Tracks

While OBS is used for streaming, it’s a very useful recording software when configured correctly. Today I will show how to add separate audio tracks to OBS and allows you record independently of each other. This tutorial is meant for Windows users. Mac users will have to wait for another day.

Three things are needed

  1. OBS Studio (Sorry OBS Classic fans)

  2. Virtual Audio Cables (Can get this in many ways but the one I am using is from VB-Audio)

  3. Your program you want to have separate audio sources for (VOIP like Discord or Skype, Foobar for music, etc any kind of audio devices that can switch playback) I will be using Discord for this tutorial.

Download the virtual audio cables of your choice. In your Windows Mixer and right click on the speaker in the taskbar and you will see one new cable both in playback and recording. They work in tandem together.

Now into your program of choice and go into that settings menu to switch the output device. In Discord, you can find it under Voice & Video when you click the cog icon next to your name

As you can see, in output device I selected my virtual cable input as the output device (Confused yet?) Basically, you are outputting from Discord into the virtual cable hence the cable input is listed in playback devices.

Now in OBS head to the audio tab to configure OBS   

As you can see, you want to select the virtual cable under any available mic/aux audio device section. Therefore, that’s why you see the virtual cable output in recording devices under the Windows Mixer.

Next head to the output settings and switch to the advance recording output (this can only be done in advance. Not simple mode.)

You must pick under Recording Format a suitable recording format for the multiple tracks per recording. As stated, FLV doesn’t work. Two options I used are MKV and MP4. Then right below that see where audio tracks are listed. Pick up to 6 tracks for recording we will be setting this up next.

As you add audio sources to OBS you will find more objects inside the mixer but what you want is under the advance audio properties. (click the cog next to an audio source or click the dropdown menu of edit in the top left of OBS) All you should do is checkmark what you want per each track you selected to in OBS’s output settings

This is currently how my setup in OBS is. Track 1 is for streaming hence why all sources are check marked. Track 2 is for just gameplay audio, Track 3 my mic etc.

Once the recording is done, drop it into your favorite video editing program. This is how mine is shown in Adobe Premiere

But you wonder, how do I hear my friends or music now? Go back to the windows mixer and select the virtual cable under the recording tab and right click to head to its properties. Go to the listen tab, check the listen to this device option and switch to your playback device of choice.

And done! Your OBS is now completed to record separate audio tracks. Now you can get more virtual cables to add in other playback devices but it starts to become a hassle with all these listening tabs and such at the point where maybe a virtual mixer. I just happen to have such software but that will be another tutorial for another day. Have any questions hit me up at @DiamondRyce on Twitter.