Setting up for a Virtual Reality Live-Stream (HTC Vive), Part 2

Setting up for a Virtual Reality Live-Stream (HTC Vive), Part 2

Welcome to the second part of this tutorial for setting up your Vive for a Stream on your preferred platform! Last part, we went over some safety rules and tips to help having a nice stream rolling and its preparation, now we will proceed on getting your Stream set-up on OBS properly so your viewers can see through your eyes! 

Recommended Size: Any

What You Need:

  • Your trusty HTC VIVE    
  • In this case, OBS 
  • OBS should be set up already
  • You might enjoy Part 1

Open your Open Broadcast Software (OBS) and go ahead and create a new scene over on the bottom left section. This will create a new section for you to add sources and set up your stream to be specifically about VR, this will help you save time instead of having to change everything when you go from VR to non VR streams. 

Be aware: Some Games in VR capture differently, be sure to know how your game is being shown on your screen when you put on you launch it, it is crucial. 

Go ahead and create a new source by clicking on the section to the right of the Scenes. Press the “+” sign to open up a row of options and pick “Game Capture” from the list. This will create a source that will focus on grabbing footage from the game you wish. Go ahead and then double right click the new source you created, opening a new menu from it. 

On the newly opened window, be sure to set the “mode” to “Capture Specific Window” and then select in the “window” tab what source you will grab the footage from. At last, set the window priority to “Match title, otherwise find window of same executable”.

Now you should be able to see your footage on the preview, and now comes the part where you add your touch to the stream, including your webcam, make sure your mic is okay and that the audio comes out from the right outputs, add your overlay if you have one and add any plugins you want !

Make sure to adapt your game capture to fit your screen and if you are playing a game that previews it in two parts (left eye and right eye duplicates) make sure to put the right eye section on the screen and leave the left side off or covered. This varies from games to games and this duplicate vision is currently slowly dying so you shouldn't worry about it too much as it's pretty rare now.

As for your mic, if you do not have one that is fairly portable, use the one that is in-built in the vive. It is STRONGLY recommended to cover the mic with a small piece of cloth to create a small pop-filter for it to enjoy the best results. 


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And that’s it ! Hope this tutorial has helped you to set your VIVE stream up and I’m hoping for all of you that it will go along just fine :) Why don’t you go ahead and tell us if we missed something or if you have any specific subject you want me to go over next! Also be sure to tell us your VR stream adventures down below! Tweet us @RealNewTubers!