Setting up for a Virtual Reality Live-Stream (HTC Vive)

Setting up for a Virtual Reality Live-Stream (HTC Vive), Part 1

So you got hold of your magnificent HTC Vive, the peak of VR gear, congratulations! Now, you feel eager to stream some of that wonderful VR content to show to your viewers and friends. Here we are to now show you some of the required preparations you need to make in this two-part Tutorial! 

Recommended Size: Any

What You Need:

  • Have Vive and drivers installed
  • A friend (for optimal results) 
  • Your favorite recording, broadcasting software.
  • Enough space for Room-Scale VR (optional)

What is Part 1 about?

This part will be dedicated to preparing your stream on a physical level, it’s not about doing some warm up before but more about how to ready up to be able to interact with your audience and stay alive during the whole stream. This will not require you to have any tech knowledge to understand. 

Interacting with your viewers     

Obviously, interacting with your viewers is the key part of livestreaming and is always a neat thing when you do it well. Now the thing is, you will have your VR Headset on your face, so it will be pretty hard to interact with them since seeing the chat is nearly impossible since you don’t have it in front of you. 

There sure are a few plugins around to be able to see it live, but i do not know any viable ones yet (the tutorial will be updated once something comes up). 

So now your best bet is to have a friend around! Experiencing VR is fun for sure if you have a friend to laugh at you! And good thing he can lend you a hand reading out the chat for you isn’t it? 

So yes, having someone around that is willing to lend you a hand and possibly experience the VR Headset with you is right now the best option you could have and can offer some nice discussions that can turn your stream slightly into a podcast.

A bit of security to live through the stream.

Security is pretty much a thing we all should be aware of, but to make sure here are a few important things you need to know: 

  • Make sure that you have space for everyone to be safe around you, including yourself. Making sure you don't punch something or someone and even yourself this is some basic knowledge and you will need to be aware of it when setting up your Vive anyway. 
  • Be sure to take breaks, some people are more at ease with VR than others. You might be able to keep it on for ten minutes while others can keep it over an hour. Making sure you are taking regular breaks around your limits is important, take a drink, have a chat with your buddy to keep something going on in the stream and make sure to get a breather, don't exhaust yourself! 


  • The best way to stream to YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook and 30+ other services simultaneously.

Here we are! Part one is done and we hope that you guys could get something new out of this! Are you using any of these methods? Do you actually use a plugin to read while using the headset? Did we miss something you want us to know and is there something you wish to learn more about?  Tweet us @RealNewTubers to let us know!