Restreaming On Mixer With FTL

Restreaming On Mixer With FTL

You can't easily use Mixer's FTL service while also streaming to Twitch, YouTube Gaming, or others, so here's the way to do it.

You Need:

  • Your Mixer stream and you've tested that it works
  • Your stream key to YouTube or Twitch (or both!)

Recommended Size: Any

  1. The website for this is
  2. You login with your Mixer account, allow the things it needs to have (just like with a bot).
  3. You input either of your streaming keys or both.
  4. You start up your Mixer stream in OBS or XSplit and wait until you see it going on your channel.
  5. You press start stream on the restreaming page.
  6. It should start streaming to Mixer + YouTube or Twitch, however you set it up.