Recording Console Footage via AverMedia or Elgato

Recording Console Footage via AverMedia or Elgato

In this tutorial we will go over what you need to do to get footage from your consoles using AverMedia or Elgato capture cards. Do note that nowadays, some consoles do have a recording capability, but having a capture card can be a better option for some cases.

What You Need:

  1. AverMedia / Elgato Capture Card
  2. OBS
  3. Console and PC

Setting up your Capture card

Following the instructions from your Capture card’s manual, you will be getting to set up your card and make sure it works properly. Cards have different connections to make, but you will always require to plug in your consoles HDMI to the card, then the card to the tv. Ending up with a USB port from The Card to your PC. Be sure to get the proper drivers and such. I do know that some cards offer tools to record, but so far OBS will always be your best shot as it will keep everything in one place and is by far the best solution.

Getting your Footage from the Card to OBS

With your OBS open (preferably Studio), go ahead and add a new Scene. Thus done, go ahead and add a “Video Capture Device” source, which will be allowing you to pick up your Capture card. Hopefully rendering it properly. I do strongly recommend that you make sure that your Capture Card is also having an audio input into your computer, as it will be the best method to capture your audio. Once the source correctly set up. You are done ! Everything should be working, up to you to make sure that your layers and additional custom layouts are set to your taste ! Good luck!

And there we go! Go ahead and show the world who’s the best on consoles! Make sure to tell us if we missed anything, and if you have further questions or want to see a specific tutorial, tweet us at @RealNewTubers or tweet me at @Pantsu_Tank !