Making a Montage Channel Trailer

Making a Montage Channel Trailer

Making a channel trailer is incredibly important. If you don't have a channel trailer, people will be less inclined to subscribe to you. A channel trailer introduces your audience to you, and shows off your best content. The best channel trailers combine the channel's host (you) and a Montage of content. If you are just starting out YouTube, you probably don't have any content to show off. If this is the case, I suggest recording a few videos before you film/edit your film trailer. 

Recommended Size: 100

Introduce Yourself

  1. Tell your audience who you are
  2. Give a short description of your channel so your audience knows what you make and why you're passionate about your content.

Clip Montage of Best Videos

  • Showing poor/mediocre clips makes your audience think all of your content is poor/mediocre 
  • Show clips that give a good overview of your channel


  • Thank the person watching (not the group of people watching. Ie: “thank you for watching” not “thanks for watching everyone”)
  • Call to action: ask the person watching to subscribe.

This is just a loose outline to make a good trailer. Be unique and make your trailer your own. Be creative!