Low Budget Green Screen Solutions

Low Budget Green Screen Solutions

Buying a green screen online can cost you hundreds of dollars, save your money by making your own green screen.

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Green Wall:
Paint a wall with green paint! Its as easy and cheap as it sounds. A can of paint can cost you from $20-$30 and will give you great results when you take your footage to the editing stage. The one problem with this is that you can't just take it anywhere with you.

DIY Frame and Screen:
For a more mobile solution, make your own frame out of PVC pipes (or metal pipes for a more expensive solution) and get a large piece of green fabric. In total, this can cost you from $20 to $40, depending on where you get your supplies. With some designs, you can even take apart the frame to store it away or pack it in your car.

Green Poster:
Getting a cheap green poster is very limited, but can be very useful at times. For example, for some close up shots, taping a simple green poster to a wall can save you time and a lot of money.