I Got A Dislike on YouTube

I Got A Dislike on YouTube

Getting a dislike on your video doesn’t feel good.  But why exactly does an upvote make us feel good?  

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It could be from the positive reinforcement that we’re doing something right or the stimulation that comes from being accepted by other people.  A downvote does not count against you in the YouTube algorithm.  It’s actually commonly known that it’s counted the same as an upvote.  So why does an upvote feel good when a downvote makes most of us feel bad?  It’s because you’re reacting to it.  You give a downvote power by reacting and it’s something that’s completely within your control.

How do you react positively to a downvote?  You can use it as an opportunity to improve.  Maybe they’re not even a part of your target audience.  Downvotes can actually be a sign that you’re doing something right.  In the grand scheme of things, being controversial is actually fairly profitable on youtube as evidenced by some of the larger channels.  The topics you decide to cover or style of content will dictate your experience here.  

If you’re being downvote brigaded by someone there’s not much you can do to control that, so you shouldn’t worry about it.  You always have the option to create a new channel, but it’s not typically recommended to do so unnecessarily.  Besides, having haters gives your supporters another reason to engage in the discussion.  Let them go to bat for you.