How to Use Cards

How to Use Cards

Now that we know what cards are, let’s learn how to use them.

Recommended Size: 50

Accessing the Cards Tab

  • Under Video Manager, click on the Videos tab
  • Choose to edit one of your videos
  • Click on the Cards tab at the top
  • Its icon is a circle with the letter “i” inside it

Adding a Card to Your Video

  1. Locate the exact point in the video when you want the card to appear
  2. Click the blue “Add Card” button on the right side
  3. You will find five Card options to create:

Video or Playlist

You may choose any of your videos or playlists to insert as a card.

  • Alternatively, you can type in the video or playlist URL.
  • You can also type in a custom message or teaser text for the card by clicking on the dropdown.
    • If left blank, the card will display the title of your video
  • Your created card will be listed on the right side under the “Add Card” button


  • You may provide a link to another YouTube channel by typing in the channel user name or URL.
  • You can also type in any custom message or teaser text - a special thanks or shoutout, for instance.


By typing in the name of a nonprofit organization and choosing it from the list of approved organizations, you can set up a donation link towards it.


  • When creating a poll, you insert the poll question into the top search box.
  • You can type in up to five poll choices using the text boxes below the question.


You may type in the link to an approved website. Approved websites must either be:

  • Your associated, verified website
  • Link to your storefront or an individual product from an approved retailer website
  • Crowdfunding site (Patreon, etc.)

Editing a Card

  1. On the right side, you will find a list of your created cards
  2. Click on the pencil icon on the card you wish to edit

Removing a Card

  1. While editing a card, you may click on the trash icon to the left of the “Cancel” button to remove your card.

Tips on Using Cards

  • Insert cards for content related to your current video
    • For example, if you mention the name of a different game during one video, make a card for that moment
    • If you want to lead someone to a video you are mentioning or shouting out
  • Use it for episodic content
    • If your video is part of a series, insert a card early on that shows either the first episode, next episode, or full playlist. You can use a combination of these options throughout the video.
  • You can only use up to five cards, so choose wisely.
  • Space out your cards so they happen throughout the video instead of all at once.
  • Your cards appear on the top right of a video where an icon with a circle and the letter “i” will appear.
    • When your card appears, the name of the video or any custom text you inserted will appear near that circle icon.
    • If a viewer clicks on that icon at any time, they can see a complete list of your cards and click on any video or link that they choose.