How to Raise the Production Value of Your Videos

Using stock footage in your videos raises the production quality of your videos. Using stock footage will make your videos more professional and will make the overall quality of your videos better. This tutorial will help you learn how to use stock footage to better

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Using Stock Footage in Vlogs/Films

Adding drone shots of locations can improve the overall quality. Imagine you vlog a family vacation to New York City. You could film your travels, but you can’t get professional looking overhead shots of the city. If you had a drone you might have been able to get some shots, but in a big city like New York probably has strict regulations on flying drones throughout the city. However, using stock footage is a way around all your troubles! All you have to do is find the footage you need and place it into your video. Now it looks like you are fancy enough to fly drones through New York City!

Or imagine if you are creating a short film and your film is set in Las Vegas, but you live in Alabama. You can find stock footage of Las Vegas and place it into your film as b-roll to trick your audience into thinking it was actually filmed in Las Vegas!

Using Stock Footage As VFX

There are many pieces of stock footage out there that you can use for visual effects for any video! If you win in a game you can have a shower of money fall from the ceiling of you. There are also many examples of stock footage of explosions, so you can explode your head off if you are getting really mad at a game. Using these throughout your videos can be in a comedic way that can help create more audience engagement.

Where to Find Stock Footage

There are countless places to find stock footage on the internet, but one of the best is VideoBlocks. VideoBlocks has all of the stock footage you will ever need, and they are all professionally made and of the highest quality. Their Website is split into four categories.

These categories are:

  • Footage: Generic stock footage of locations, people, time lapse, sports and even VR footage.

  • Backgrounds: Moving footage of backgrounds that can be used for any purpose.

  • After Effects: These are After Effects files that you can download and customize inside Adobe After Effects. These are great for titles and intros.

  • Collections: Similar stock footage placed together for easy searching.

Where to Find Stock Footage

VideoBlocks is not free, however! There is a huge discount right here on Fetch!

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Fetch also has several lists on stock media, you can find those here: