How to Promote Your Videos

How to Promote Your Videos

So, after scattering business cards from the tops of skyscrapers and realizing the futility of link dumping, you’re thinking to yourself, “How do I actually advertise myself and my content?”

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The ways you should not advertise your videos:

Never. Use. Link dumps.

A common mistake when advertising is to link yourself or your videos in a community or page where other smaller YouTubers post links to their content or channels. This is a big mistake. There are many issues: videos posted in these pages get low amounts of watch time, harming your videos promotion, and sub4sub also runs rampant in these communities, risking you getting roped in with that crowd which also has numerous negatives which will harm your channel overall.

Unsolicited Advertising

Advertising without permission or against the rules of the place your advertising is both disrespectful and a little stupid. Disrespectful as you should be mindful that the owner likely doesn’t want it there and stupid because if they take notice you potentially lose a place to advertise when you could have simply asked and maybe got a permanent place where you could advertise your content.

Now the ways that you should advertise: 

Community Advertising

Community advertising is favourite method of advertising as it appeals directly to the target audience you are trying to reach, this is where you advertise in a community related to the topic of your video or your channel. For example, a video on Dark Souls 3 would go into a Dark Souls 3 community or a video on Music within a Music community. The reason this method is so popular is because it directly appeals to the people who like and want to see that kind of content giving them content to watch and giving you views. Many great places to find such communities are places like Playstation Network (PSN), Google+, Facebook pages and Reddit.

You may also be asking “How is this any different from link dumping?” well with link dumping your putting a link into a community filled with other links with people there to do one thing and one thing only which is to spam links, with community advertising you’re in a community where people are looking for content from that genre meaning they won't click off after 2 seconds.

And obviously ask permission for the reasons stated above.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth advertising is where you tell someone about your channel by talking with them, maybe the conversation shifts in that direction, you’re talking about something related to your genre or maybe you figure they could get something out your videos. Either way, simply talking with friends, family or people with common interests is great way to get consistent viewers of your content. This works so well because you have built a personal connection with these people, so they feel more inclined to support you and your content.

Social Media

Social Media is a great tool for any kind of creator as not only does it provide a place for you to advertise but it allows you to interact with fans and create new ones without even having to upload a video.

Examples of great social medias you should have under your belt are Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Instagram and Snapchat. Being able to effectively use social medias will allow you to communicate to your fans when new videos have been made and help to reach new target audiences that you couldn’t reach before.


Now Adwords is less of a ‘should,’ and more of a ‘could,’ as it has many risks and variables associated with it, such as your disposable income, genre of video, type of video, target audience, and more. However, the subject is complicated enough that it requires more in-depth reading, such as this Case Study.