How to Get New Subscribers If Nobody Knows You

How to get new subscribers if nobody knows you

If you want to get more subscribers at the start of your YouTube career, find interesting channels around your own size, interact with them, show interest and build relations. That's how you'll get your first subscribers... and you won't believe how loyal they can be!

Recommended Size: 0 to 100 subscribers

What You Need:

1. A channel that looks attractive

2. A good profile picture

3. A couple of videos that show what your channel is about

If you don't get views or subscribers, that doesn't mean your videos are bad. It just means that people haven't discovered you yet! In this post, I want to give you a step-by-step guide on how to get more people to your channel, who might just turn into subscribers!

Interact with other YouTubers

How can people find out that you exist? That doesn't happen by itself. You'll have to take action if you want to find an audience for your videos.

The most important tip for getting more viewers and subscribers is: interact with other YouTubers!

It really helps if you know other people on YouTube, who think you're a great YouTuber and want to help you to get more viewers. And they don't have to be "big YouTubers" with thousands of subscribers. Even YouTubers who don't have a lot of subscribers themselves yet either, can still help your channel move forwards.

Here's the thing: other YouTubers need you as much as you need them. Every YouTuber wants to be seen. Every YouTuber loves to get likes and comments on their videos. That gives you a golden opportunity to help those YouTubers, and generate some attention for your own videos as well. How's that for a win-win scenario?

Where to find other YouTubers?

It isn't easy to find interesting channels. YouTube usually only promotes larger channels, leaving smaller YouTubers to fend for themselves. But there is a place where you can find a lot of interesting smaller channels. It's called the YouTube Channel Crawler (link below).

Enter your search criteria, such as the number of subscribers, the language or country, some keywords and many more. The Channel Crawler will immediately give you a lot of suggestions for interesting channels. You can even check their channel trailer or latest video to see how you like it.

It's very important that you don't just pick any channel. Find channels that make videos similar to yours and that have a subscriber count similar to you. It also helps if the YouTuber has the same age and/or interests as you.

Once you've found some channels that match those criteria, it's time to move on to the next step.

Make your subscriptions public!

Before you reach out to those channels, there's one setting on YouTube that you have to change: make your channel subscriptions public! You do this in your Privacy Settings on YouTube. If you see that the option Keep all my subscriptions private is checked, uncheck it.

The reason for this is that if you subscribe to a new channel, you want that channel to get an email telling them that you did so. Making your subscriptions public will ensure that those channels get notified.

Reach out to the channels that you found

After you've made your subscriptions public, do the following with all the channels that you found in the Channel Crawler:

  1. Subscribe to them
  2. Watch several of their videos
  3. Leave a like to every video you watch and write a comment saying why you like the video.

That's it! Don't immediately ask the YouTuber if they want to check your channel out, too. You don't even know them yet. The important thing to keep in mind is to just show genuine interest in other channels and their content, and well... just be nice!

After that, follow the channel for a while. When they upload a new video, watch it, leave a like and write a nice comment. Just stick with it for a while. That shows that you're an invested subscriber who sticks with a channel, rather than losing interest after the first two or three videos.

Wait for the response

The next step in the process depends on how the YouTuber responds. After subscribing to the channel, liking and commenting on some of their videos, two things can happen:

1. The YouTuber doesn't respond.
Some YouTubers don't respond to comments at all. That is very foolish. If people take the time to comment on your video, you should always take the time to thank them for that. If you haven't received a single response to any of your comments to a certain YouTuber, feel free to end your subscription to them. Because then they're just not worth your time.

2. The YouTuber does respond.
Most of the times, you will get a reply to your comments after a while. That's great, because then you can really start a conversation with that YouTuber. If they are really short replies (like "thx" or "haha"), you can try asking a question. How did the YouTuber come up with the idea for the video? What equipment do they use? How is it going for them on YouTube? In short: try to get the conversation going!

Once you've managed to engage in some conversation with the YouTuber, you can go a step further. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or wherever. And at some point in time, you can just ask the question: "Hey, I make these kind of videos too. Could you check out my content and give me some feedback?" And then, the question isn't viewed as spam anymore. Because you're not some random stranger anymore, but a YouTube acquaintance. And then those YouTubers will be more than happy to spend some time on your channel too, because you've already spent so much time engaging with their content already.

In conclusion...

"Interacting with other YouTubers" is the most important tip to get more subscribers on YouTube. Of course, your videos have to be interesting and you have to invest a lot of time into it at first. But the channels that you'll attract as subscribers will form the beginning of an extremely loyal audience.

If you follow this strategy, you'll find that you don't even need that many subscribers to make YouTube fun for yourself. The few subscribers that you do have, are YouTubers that you really know and interact with. You'll get real feedback that you can really use to improve. And then you can slowly but steadily grow your channel to become very successful.

I wish you good luck with that!


Thanks for taking the time to read this post! If you think this could be helpful to other YouTubers, please share this with them. If you have any questions about YouTube, feel free to contact me on Reddit (/u/AspiringInspirator)!