How to Find Collaborators on Youtube

How to Find Collaborators on Youtube

If you would like to gain collaborators on Youtube and create videos with like-minded content creators, this is the tutorial for you.

Recommended Size: 100 Subs

What You Need:

  • Discord or Skype
  • E-mail
  • A web browser

Finding a creator

Finding a creator to work with you can range from a variety of difficulties from very easy to very hard, and it depends on what standards you hold in your collaborators.

First, use a tool like ChannelCrawler to find new YouTubers. It's as simple as selecting the category of channel, number of subscribers, country, and any other things like keywords and total views. Make sure it matches yours as much as possible so they have the initiative to want to work with you.

Select a channel you like, and go to their page.

Click About on their page, and if they have a contact e-mail, continue to the next step.


Contacting the creator

Now, you must contact them. This is where the help stops. All we can do is give you a good idea as to what to tell them. A good idea is the following:

Hi, <collaborator>! My name is <creator>. I saw your channel and I hoped to work with you on a collaboration. My Discord name is “test#1234” and I would love to collaborate with you. I hope to keep in touch!

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