How to Create a Twitch account

How to Create a Twitch account

One of the first steps to streaming on Twitch is having a Twitch account! Creating the account is easy, and only takes a few minutes of your time.

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First, Think of a Name

This is the hardest part! You’re going to be known by this forever, so don’t go with an inside joke or anything that will hinder your progress later. You might be tempted to make a twitch account called JoePlaysHalo, but consider how long you’re going to be play a specific game. If a new game comes out, you don’t want viewers to be turned off!

  • Choose something brand specific, like your channel name. Ex: JoePlays
  • DON’T choose a name that is too specific. Ex: JoePlaysHalo
  • Try to be unique! JoePlays3301x isn’t memorable!
    • You could use PlayJoe, or PlayWithJoe, JoeIsCool. Anything memorable!
  • Don’t use hard to remember letters, like replacing ‘S’ with ‘Z’ or ‘I’ with ‘L’
    • You might think that ‘Jo3playz’ is better than ‘PlayWithJoe,’ but your viewers won’t appreciate it!

Next, Get Registered

Now for the easy part. 

  1. Get your email open, you’re going to need to confirm your account
  2. Go to
  3. ThumbnailClick on the Sign Up button in the TOP RIGHT.
    1. You can also go straight to 
  4. The following box will appear:Twitch Box
  5. Fill in all the fields. 
    1. We recommend not signing up with Facebook the first time, so that you can set your passwords up yourself. If you sign in with Facebook, you can’t create a password
    2. NOTE: The Username you use on the Sign Up will be used on your Channel’s link. Example, if you use “TestSubject123” your Twitch link will be Also, Uppercase letters will be taken into account on your Channel. The displayed name will use the Uppercase letters if you use them.
  6. You’ll need to verify your email. Watch for an email from Twitch!
  7. And now you’re done!

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