How to Create a Chain in Audacity

Create a Chain in Audacity

Chains are a useful tool to save you time when doing your most commonly used Audacity effects. Chains are something you can create that can be applied, think of it as a template of effects.

Recommended Size: Any

What You Need:

  • Audacity

Step One: Setting Up Audacity

In case you haven’t gotten it yet, go get Audacity. We have a tutorial that explains how to set it up. You can find that here:

Step Two: Finding the Chain Settings

For Chain settings, navigate to the File button near the upper left, then chains, the edit chains in this case.

File - Chains - Edit Chains…

From this menu, you can set up your common effects for Chains.


Step Three: Setting Up the Chain

So for this walkthrough I’ll use my Vocal Enhance Chain. From the Edit Chains menu click Add at the bottom.


Name it whatever you would like, I’m going with Vocal Enhance.

Now it’s a matter of clicking insert and adding each effect. Edit Parameters let’s you choose the settings of the effect.

Once you add all your effects to the Chain, click OK.

I’ll provide my chain as a sample:

  1. Normalize: -1 Decibel
  2. Compressor: Threshold of around -15 to -20
  3. Equalization: Bass Boost
  4. Equalization: Treble Boost
  5. Normalize: -1 Decibel
  6. Limiter: Hard Limit, -4 Decibel

Step Four: Apply Chains

To use the Chains on the project:

  • Highlight entire clip, either CTRL+ A, or double click.
  • File - Chains - Apply Chains - Select the Chain
  • Apply to Current Project