YouTube Networking FAQ

YouTube Networking FAQ

So you’re looking for answers you have about networking as a content creator. The following is a collection of questions pulled from an old event on the Discord in regards to networking ran by Moriarty, and some I’ve included myself.

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For starters, what is networking and how does it help you as a creator?

Networking is interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career. In layman’s terms, its connecting with other people to help yourself. It helps you as a creator by granting you exposure or resources. Examples of networking are collaborations with someone larger or a relationship with developers in order to get keys for reviews.

Do you recommend attempting to collaborate with people with similar content?

Yes of course. Especially if you do something on both your channels. Their viewers will see your content, and your viewers see them. It’s a win-win and may earn you more of a following and you could open the door to a future friendship or a partner for collabs.

Would you recommend branching out onto every platform possible to network? And how do you keep active on them all?

Yes, and no. I recommend that you branch out to every platform that you are willing to be active on already. This is important, because if you just post one time and let it die, you'll never see any improvements.

How do you engage your audience then and get them coming back on these various platforms?

This is why, especially for a small YouTuber you should be focusing primarily on platforms you already use. Don't try to build out a Tumblr if you're never going to post there.

What should you do with your Twitter?

Twitter is for rapid, short conversations with literally anyone. I have had conversations with everyone from celebrities to literal nobodies with 1 follower. Just find a topic through the search bar (type in anything, like #games or #vlog) and start talking.

So tweet about the interesting things in my life?

Are they actually interesting? Don't bore people. Talk to them, not about you.

What is the IFTTT app? Is that a social networking tool? allows you to build recipes that will automate your life. From autoposting across your social media accounts when a video releases, to using specific hashtags on your Twitter to also post that on Instagram. It can make your life a lot easier using their applets.

One thing I have thought about is using my personal Facebook to advertise. I have hundreds of IRL friends on there but are they my audience? And that stuff would be sort of awkward.

Pity subs are dead subs. If they might actually be interested, sure, go for it. Yes it can be awkward, but if you aren't ready to introduce yourself as a 'content creator' then you're just showing your friends your hobby.Telling your friends to follow you might get you to 100 subs, and that's great because now you have a custom URL, but those people aren't going to watch your content.

What is a Twitter "impression"?

It means the tweet came across someone else's feed.

So I know you are knowledgeable in YouTube analytics, and Twitter analytics are also a thing. I'm curious if you know anything about it, maybe a general overview?

Twitter provides you with a couple bits of information. Engagement, impressions, and click-through. Engagement is a like, retweet, information expand, whatever. These are people seeing your tweet, and interacting in some way. Twitter will organically show that to the second users pool of people as well. The more engagement, the more people who see those engagements, etc. Click through are people who actually click your content. This is remarkably small in comparison, usually in the 1-2%.

So, in terms of Twitter engagement. Would you say for someone who does videos on topic that getting followers to decide on the topic can lead to more views?

No. This will get you engagement on Twitter only. Don't think of Twitter as actively helping your YouTube like that.

What are your views on bots for follows to unfollows.

Twitter is 90% automation anyways. It's fine to follow back.

Could you explain how you got your collaboration stuff with some larger - specifically WarOwl in your case - started?

I collaborated with WarOwl (950,000 subs) twice. One time he played a game with Crypto as a subscriber to his Twitch channel, and we asked him if we could use that footage. He agreed, and gave us legal permission to use his footage. The second time, we asked him if he'd like to play a game, he said yes, we recorded it and then asked if he was okay with us posting it.

Any advice for getting into review groups for games or press stuff?

Email and call them. If you don't have the willingness to pick up the phone, or write an email, that's your failing. As said above, you make 0% of the shots you don't take.

I mean, as a LPs, I do not really know where I should "promote" my content, besides Twitter, is there maybe anywhere where it could fit too ? Not asking for solutions to skyrocket my content, but still.

You need to find evangelists, or people who are crazy for your content and share it to other people. They promote for you and help with exposure.

Is Google+ worth touching?

YouTube is owned by Google. I think they like their own content a little bit. You should use G+ as much as you reasonably can.

I didn't realize you could use video clips on Instagram.

I share the first 60 seconds of my videos on instagram, yeah.

Does anyone use

I have a free account that makes posting to social media super easy - vids, videos to gifs, etc.

What are some tips on selling yourself to new people?

Authenticity is literally the only thing a NewTuber has going for them. You don't have exclusive games, you don't have insider access, you don't have multiple million dollar budgets. You are competing, right now, this very second with Pewdiepie and Jimmy Kimmel. Your video is being passed over because it's showing up next to Markiplier. You have to be authentic. You are who you are, embrace it, and make the content. Let's remember that the world's largest YouTuber is a man-child who barely speaks english, screams a lot, has stupid hair, and makes arguably shitty content.

Do you recommend marketing yourself to people irl at conventions or meet ups? And would business cards help that?

Business cards are something you should take from others, not something you should give to others. You want to be able to call someone and say "Hey, War, this is Moriarty, we met at PAX? Yeah, you gave me your card, and I wanted to give you a call and follow up."

How do you feel about going to conventions? Is the money worth it, does it vary on what convention you go to?

I recently got an invitation to go to VidCon, so I'll be there. As for is it worth it. Yes and no. You are going to a convention to meet people

Literally the biggest piece of advice is to remember that the biggest most expensive resource is people, and you've got 17000 youtubers here who will help you if you help them.