Earning as a Content Creator

Let’s be honest here, the money from YouTube won’t sustain you in the long run unless you rack up millions of views each time you upload a video. So, if this isn’t an option what else can you do as a Content Creator besides keeping your day job?

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Getting sponsored is a good way of earning some extra money. Many companies and products are currently looking for channels in YouTube. A simple plug in a video or review and you’re done. Just be careful with the sponsorships you accept!

  • Get Affiliated  

Sometimes sponsoring a video is not enough for companies. They’ll offer you to be an affiliated partner for their brand. This means a lot of things. First you’ll get a cut every time someone buys with your unique affiliated link. Second the company themselves will promote you as well. 

  • Sell that Sweet Merchandise

Now that you’ve establish your brand, time to use that to sell some merch. This is one of the ways most YouTubers gain their income. Be it shirts, mug or anything you want. You’re the boss here and all the profit goes to your bank account. 

  • Streaming

It’s a big investment but streaming is getting bigger and bigger by the day so you better start now if you want a piece of that. Plus you can turn the VOD into YouTube content, a win – win situation.

This is a good way to get supported while giving something in return to your supporters.  With the tier system you can decide the stuff you reward to your patrons. 

  • Gone Digital

Beside the traditional physical merchandise, you can also sell digital copies of artwork or pictures. Open yourself for commission to the public. This is both rewarding and you get to interact with your fans. 

Hopefully this gave you a little insight as to how you can earn as a Content Creator.  It is also your responsibility to commit on this. Your name is in this business, so make it legit. No funny stuff and you’ll do fine.