Different Types of Review Content

Different Types of Review Content

You want to create game reviews, huh?  Well, what kind of reviews do you want to make?  There are many different variants to pick from, and we’re gonna outline some of them here!

Recommended Size: Any!

What is Reviewing?

A review is a critical analysis of something (be it a game, a show, a phone, or even food!) designed to impress one’s overall opinion onto the audience.  In short, when you’re reviewing something, you’re reviewing it to benefit others who might be interested in the subject matter.

What Are You Reviewing?

Realistically, you can review whatever you want!  The subject matter you’re covering will decide much of your review style for you, but it’s important to decide what that subject matter is first.  You could review:

  • Video games: One of the more common focuses of reviews, game reviewers want to give their personal and critical take on all sorts of games.

  • Television/Film: How do you feel about the atmosphere and characterization in S1E8 of Game of Thrones?  Did it follow a meaningful plot line or did it feel like filler?  Did you love the delivery of Tommy Wiseau in The Room, and do you want to talk about the intricacies of his character?  TV/Film critiquing is right up your alley!

  • Technology: How is the new iPhone?  Do the camera and battery life hold up to the previous model, and more importantly, to the competition?  Your reviews of the newest technology may cost you a pretty penny, but you could save your audience thousands of dollars by giving them the ups and downs!

  • Food/Beverage: Do you love hamburgers, and do you want to share your opinions of the best and worst burgers with the world?  Being a Food Critic sounds like the perfect channel type for you!  You could review food from restaurants, different types of alcoholic drinks, or even reviewing the newest flavor of potato chips!

  • Whatever your heart desires! Nothing is stopping you from reviewing flavors of toothpaste, Funko Pops, or air conditioners, so make whatever tickles your fancy!  Just keep in mind that while you may love air conditioner reviews, there may not be a huge audience that feels the same way.

Styles of Review

A review can come in many shapes and sizes, and many of these shapes will be based on the type of review you pick.  For example, if you’re reviewing video games, do you want to separate the game into categories and discuss each category separately, like The Completionist, or do you want to have a free-flowing, stream of consciousness style of review script like ProJared?  (Also worth asking: Do you want to discuss games critically at all, or do you want them to be the subject of your videos mainly to make jokes and entertain your audience, like PeanutButterGamer?)  Do you want to give a final grade, a rating out of ten, or a unique style of scoring, or do you feel your thoughts say more than a number could?  Do you even want to have a script, or do you want to wing it all live on camera?  Simple things like these can define the audience you reach, so think hard about this!  

These sort of questions should be something you ask regardless of the content you’re reviewing.  If you’re the type of person that loses focus when speaking, you may want to split your phone reviews up into sections like Battery Life, Features, Camera, and so on, simply so that you don’t risk rambling and losing your audience partway into a video.  Even something as simple as a scoring system or lack thereof will very likely affect the type of audience you reach!

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