Different Types of Gaming Content

Different Types of Gaming Content

There are many type of gaming videos that have been established through the years.

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Let’s Plays (Solo)

Solo Let’s Plays are any gaming video where a single person is playing the game while they commentate. These types of videos can be uploaded by themselves, but editing to polish your video a little more is always a good idea.


  • Make sure you address the audience as if they were in the room with you.
  • Be as personal as you want with your audience!
  • Try to know what your audience would enjoy when choosing a game to play.
  • Talking only about the game can sometimes get boring. Tell a story!

Let’s Plays (Group):

Group Let’s Plays are whenever you’re playing with your friends or you’re collaborating with other Youtubers. Commentating is a little different when recording with other people because you will be talking to the other person in the video rather than the audience.


  • Converse with the other person/people as if you were hanging out.
  • When there are many people in your group, commentating can get a little hectic as everyone is trying to get their ideas out there.
  • Don’t talk directly to your audience for long periods of time, especially if the other person is also recording because they’ll just be sitting there awkwardly. 


Montage videos are a collection of certain moments that one can edit together to create a compilation, or montage. This includes funny moments, trickshots, and any list with a specific theme that is common between all the themes. This type of video takes a lot of time to make because editing is a big part.


  • Make sure the music you include with your video fits with what is happening.
  • Have fun editing! Add text, graphics, and anything else you want!


Scripted and Character gaming videos are when you write some sort of script or improvise while in a character. This include movies made within a game (Garry’s Mod, Minecraft, etc) or doing some sort of let’s play while playing a character. This type of video is pretty rare and does take more time to produce.


Reviews are just what they sound like! Any review of a game, new or old, that you decide to create.