Defining Success

Defining Success

Success means different things to different people. Learning what your own definition is will help you achieve that goal.

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“Success” Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

Believe it or not, not everyone makes content for the same reasons. You might make content because you want to Be Popular, Be Rich, or simply As A Hobby. All of these are valid reasons to make content, and achieving them requires different levels of dedication and work.

Some people create content exclusively to make money, others do it to practice editing, others still do it because they’re making videos for their friends.

Be honest about your metrics for success.

Define It To Achieve It

Once you know what your definition of success is, you can start working to achieve it. If you want to be the largest channel on YouTube, you can plan to spend years working on promotion, trends, and collaborations. If your goal is to make a lot of money, you’re going to start planning how to sell products and merchandise, monetize your content outside of YouTube, and incorporation. Conversely, if you’re doing this to learn how to edit, you might network and make some friends who aren’t as skilled and offer to do it for them so you can see what it’s like editing for others.

In any case, knowing what your goal is allows you to start making steps to get there.

Examples Of Success

  • Joining a community of likeminded people who expand your horizons.

  • Becoming one of the largest channels on YouTube

  • Making enough money to quit your job and create full-time

  • Getting free games and not having to pay for them anymore

  • Teaching people your point of view and starting a discussion

  • Literally anything.

The success you’re after will help you form your plan on how to achieve that.