Dealing With Trolls

Dealing With Trolls

Dealing with trolls can become challenging, but it can also lead to a bit of fun. In this guide, I will show you a couple of methods that you can use to better deal with your trolls.  

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Important Note

Nothing is worth your unhappiness, and nothing is worth deleting your channel over. If you love creating videos, nobody should tell you to stop uploading. Especially somebody you haven’t met before. These tips cover multiple ways to deal with a troll. Only use the ideas that you are comfortable with. 

Method 1: Don’t Feed The Troll

In this method, you deprive the troll of what he wants most: attention. In this step you simply ignore the troll and pretend he doesn’t exist. You will make him cry and crave more attention. If the troll is being not only stupid, but also abusive, you might want to take further action against this sub-bridge dweller. 

Method 2: Report/Ban That Troll

If your unwanted commenter is being abusive to you or your other viewers, you have the option to report and ban that troll. To do this, go to your troll’s comment and click the three dots on the right side of the comment. In this menu you have the option to report the troll for abuse, or you can ban him from your channel. To report him, click report for spam or abuse and fill out the options that google gives you that best describes the harassment. This will report it to google. To ban from the channel, select ‘Hide this User from Channel’ this will delete all of the trolls comments and prevent him from viewing the comment section and along more comments. 

Method 3: Play Along With the Troll

I always like to play along with the troll. It may look like I'm a dummy, but it brings me joy, and that's all that matters, really. If the troll is asking a stupid question, I always answer him and pretend that I think the troll is serious. Who knows? The troll might just be an incredibly stupid and innocent kid. If the troll insults your video, I always like to respond with a “Sorry I disappointed you! I'll work harder next time. Who knows? You might surprise the troll and gain another subscriber with that genuine response.

The most important thing is that you continue to have fun making videos!