Creator Studio: Dashboard

Creator Studio: Dashboard

In your Creator Studio, the first screen that you’ll come to is your creator studio’s dashboard.  The dashboard gives you a little bit of everything and is customizable to include extra widgets, with the ability to rearrange them in a few ways.  

Recommended Size: 1 Subs


You may want your recent videos to show up here as most people probably do.  This will save you hundreds, if not thousands of clicks over a youtube career because the majority of the time you’re going to click the edit button from the video widget, instead of going directly into your Video Manager.  Some other useful widgets that you might choose would be Analytics, Comments, What’s New to see the latest trends, or Tips if you’re not so sure of yourself or just want to have some extra knowledge provided to you by YouTube every once in a while.  Most people find it kind of annoying though so it’s recommended to turn it off if you’re pretty confident in your ability to figure things out.


Outside of widget selection, you have the ability to customize them as well. If you’re on desktop, hover your mouse pointer over the name of the individual widget you want to customize.  Left Click on the settings cog wheel.  Here you’ll have the option to delete a widget you no longer want to show up in your dashboard as well as the cancel and save buttons respectively.  When making changes you’d like to keep, make sure to hit the save button.

Video Widget

For the Video widget, you have the choice to have the widget filter out by video status, like whether a video is public, private, unlisted or if you’d like them all to show up.  There’s also a custom word filter. You can list up to 20 videos or as few as 1, but other than placement there’s not much more customization to be had here.  

Hopefully we’ll see more customizable dashboards from YouTube and other sites in the future.