Creating an End Screen

Creating an End Screen

End Screens are useful elements for us to get people to explore our channel a bit more, and YouTube provides a cool interactive element with sub buttons, video options, and promotions of other channels. The one caveat is that you’re responsible for creating your own unique end screen that is personalized for your channel. This tutorial will guide you through simple tips and tricks to make the most of your end screen.

Recommended Size: 1+ Subs

What You Need:

  • A YouTube Channel
  • Photoshop or other equivalent photo editing/graphic software
  • (optional) Motion graphics software

Why Make a Personalized End Screen?

Personalized end screens keep people engaged in your content. If you end your video with similar art and aesthetic to what your channel represents and looks like, people will likely want to stay around for more of your content. Plus it looks very professional to viewers when you custom make something for yourself.

What Elements Should I Use?

This is entirely up to you! At the very least, you should have a “Subscribe” icon and a video to share. The end screen feature is useful because you can have it show a set playlist, video, or your most recent upload. So if I make a video three months ago and set a playlist as one of my features, then “Most Recent Upload”, anybody who watches that video through the end screen will see today’s newest video.

As I mentioned, what you put is entirely up to you, but my preference is to have the sub button, a video or playlist, and then my most recent upload.

Creating the Card

When you create the card, you should do so with your own software, or use a template. I recommend the former if you’re looking to grow a bit more and impress people. The biggest thing is to get your shape sizes correct when you create your custom elements. The following is based off of a 1920x1080 video play area using pixels as measurement:

  • End Screen Element Area
    • 1837x777 centered on the video
  • Subscribe Circle (and channel feature circle)
    • 294x294
  • Subscribe popout (when you hover over the subscribe circle)
    • 813x345
  • Video/Playlist (You can actually resize these, so I’ll provide the safe range)
    • 615x345 to 862x484
      • With this one, make sure your scaling is right if you decide to resize to a dimension within this range. It would be wise for you to just use one of the two dimensions above, unless you’re really good at math.
  • Link Box
    • 294x294

When you’re editing your video, end screens can run a total of 20 seconds, and may only be placed on the last 20 seconds of your video (your video does need to be at least 40 seconds long to have an end screen). When editing, make sure your end screen graphic is clipped within that time frame, or you’ll end up having too much time with just the graphic of your end screen.