Being Authentic: Just Be Yourself!

Being Authentic: Just Be Yourself!

One of the most challenging parts of being a content creator is to be your own unique self. Now this may seem a little silly, but it’s true! As soon as that record button gets pressed, your heart starts to pound and your hands get all sweaty and you either rush your way through recording or you calm yourself down so much that you end up sounding like a weird stepford robot! It takes WORK to be a ‘natural’ on camera, but like all things, practice makes this challenge easier to bear. And remember: no one, not even the professionals are perfect!

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What You Need:

  1. Just you!

The Line Between Creator and Character

Sometimes the content we create is not really ourselves, but a character we put on. When interacting with our audience outside of content creation it is important for us to be our natural selves rather than the character we are trying to portray. This is two fold: one, it is difficult to continually maintain the integrity of the character and two, you want your viewers to be invested in both you as the character AND you as the creator. This will allow a longevity in their investment that extends past whatever immediate thing you are doing with your content and encourages interest in your future endeavors.

Having Respect for Your Viewers

Another component of being authentic with your community is to be honest with your viewers. We are all guilty of promising videos that don’t happen, delayed contest winner announcements, or being woefully behind on comments. Instead of ignoring the issue, address it right out! Tell your subscribers that you are having a tough time, or things have happened that have kept you from delivering on your promises. Everyone is human and they will more than likely understand. What you don’t want to do though is ignore the problem. This leaves your audience in the lurch and makes you look like you either don’t care or have something to hide!

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