Collection of Free Programs for Creators

Free Programs for Creators

Looking for an image editor? Don’t have the money to shell out for PhotoShop? This is the place to start to help you save time searching.

Recommended Size: Any

Image Editing:

  • GIMP: A free image editing program that works on Linux, Windows, and OS X. It has several 3rd party programs that allow for added versatility.
  • Paint.NET: An upgrade to Microsoft Paint that is comparable to more professional image editors.
  • Pixlr: A light-weight editor that can be accessed from browsers.
  • Fotor: Another browser editor, this one comes with templates for common projects, such as YouTube thumbnails.

Audio Editing:

Video Editing:

  • Lightworks: One of the most powerful free video editors around.
  • Hitfilm Express: Hitflim requires you to register through social media for the free version, but it is fully functional and capable. Not to mention that their site hosts a lot of tutorials to help people learn the software.
  • Shotcut: An open source video editor running off FFmpeg. It is customizable to suit any workspace.

Screen Recording/Streaming:

  • OBS Studio: A program capable of capturing several visual or audio inputs for recording or streaming. Fantastic suite of pre-production tools to save you time from editing your footage.
  • ShadowPlay: If you have an Nvidia graphics card, then this utility can also be helpful. It can record your last 30 seconds of gameplay using a hotkey or broadcast to Twitch
  • Flashback Express: The free version works very well and doesn’t have any watermarks or time limit.