Choosing The Best Time To Stream

Choosing The Best Time To Stream

You could choose to stream whenever you're free or feel up to it, but picking a bad time to stream will be noticeable and often lead to bad results.

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There Are 'Good' Times

Picking a time is something that will also help you get seen a bit better and get the audience you seek easier. In this case, as an European streamer, I have commonly tried to time my streams to adapt to either the UK time or US time, which so far has reaped better results than other time-zones. 

Picking a day is also very tricky, weekdays are good when you launch your streams in the afternoon, as for weekends where you have a far greater pick of “good” times to start a stream, including long streams, as well as past-midnight streams. Basically your weekends are going to be the best choice for having mega streams and so on. 

Picking the “right” time is something that will always vary on when you can afford to stream and what you are aiming at in terms of audience on a geographical level. In the end, picking the right time is something very tricky and even if everyone would pick the same time, results would obviously vary as a viewer will usually stick to one stream at a time.


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